The Inspiration of the Inca Trail, Peru

//The Inspiration of the Inca Trail, Peru

Following the classic Inca Trail for five days is one of the most inspiring and magical experiences you can have in Peru.

The trail is made of stone, in some places reconstructed and other places original. The mountains around us are sacred as well as fantastic landmarks.

Somehow, I am taken back in time. Step by step, I feel at home, I love the different ecosystems we cross and marvel at the abundant wildlife we can see.


Walking towards Phuyupatamarca.

The Vilcabamba mountain range can be seen as we get close to the lost city of Machu Picchu, while the Vilcanota mountain range is always at our backs.

Hiking a trail that was once used by the Inca emperor and his people, exploring the mystery of Machu Picchu as a sacred citadel hidden in the cloud forest, all while being surrounded by the high snowcapped peaks can be a life-changing experience.

Along the way we eye the various ruins, each with a specific purpose, while our minds and spirits fly in the mist and the clouds.


Descending after our last night.

I love leading these trips, sharing all my enthusiasm and inspiration with my guests. By the time we reach Machu Picchu we are all friends, sharing a new connection with nature, history and culture.



The ancient city from Machu Picchu Hill.


– Macarena Iturralde,
Senderos Naturales CEO & Trip Leader


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