Horseback Riding through the Andean “Haciendas”

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One of the best ways to get involved with the culture of a country is through horseback riding. A unique experience that allows you to travel far, get to see places you wouldn’t be able by any other means, and enjoy nature’s wildlife at its finest.


Beautiful Ecuadorean Andes Horse.

“Haciendas” and “Estancias”, how we call the local farms, are the getaway to understand traditions, history and culture of many generations in each country.

The Haciendas in the Andes are found within 500 and 4000 mts. above sea level, and they spread over the entire highland region. Each one has unique characteristics and local legends that develop from myths and stories since Inca times. Starting from the first inhabitants in each land, their settlements and incredible irrigation systems, to later the influence of the Spanish Colonization. They are not only productive, but historically and architecturally impressive.


Entrance to Hacienda Zuleta.

Come and experience the best of the Andes while staying in beautiful Haciendas and Estancias and learn about the life of our first aborigine, the Ingas, Caranquis, Incas to name just a few.


Gauchos in Argentina.


Horseback riding Ecuador.



Macarena Iturralde,

Senderos Naturales CEO & Trip Leader




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