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Ecuador is a wonderful destination when it comes to have great views of Volcanoes and striking landscapes. Its biodiversity makes it one of the most interesting places on Earth, yet have you ever thought of Ecuador as a natural playground, where instead of observing volcanos and nature from the distance you could, instead, see them and discover all it while hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or horse-back riding?


Antisana Volcano

Due to the presences of the Andes which drop all the way to the coast and the Amazon Rain forest here you can prepare with high altitude, while also traveling and sight-seeing along the Avenue of the Volcanoes, or visiting native villages in the Andes and the Amazon.

Do you have in mind visiting the Himalayas? Hiking up to a 5000 m. peak in Chile, the Aconcagua, or Africa, the Kilimanjaro? Have you ever heard of the Chimborazo in Ecuador? Don’t look further, come and enjoy this spectacular destination full of culture, traditions and kind people.

Ilinizas North Volcano.

A perfect example is a trip we organized for our fellow trail runner visitors from France. They had a clear objective in mind: ¨Finishing the 80 km of the Marathon du Mount Blanc, held in Chamonix, in the best possible time.

We took them for a week of adventures while running in high altitude and traveling through the Andes, the inter-andean valley, the cloud forest and the rain forest where they were able to increase their pulmonary strength and increase red blood cells to get in ideal shape for the race.



Alexis and Marie – French Trail Runners

All you need is a pair of shoes, a small back pack with snacks, a waterproof jacket and a water bottle to keep hydrated. We are in charge of the rest.

We included 4 different ecosystems, 10 destinations and more than 400 km overall in 10 days.

Andes Mountain Bike

But, no worries, this is not only for extreme sportsmen like the fellow runners, we can organize this type of adventures for people that simply want to get away and follow the back roads, out of the beaten path.


Cayambe Refuge 4600m

Visit us and explore Ecuador with a great attitude and other eyes. Come and discover the most hidden and beautiful places in the country where you can only reach by foot, a horse or bike with the help of Senderos Naturales.



Macarena Iturralde,

Senderos Naturales CEO & Trip Leader




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