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Ecuador is located at the Equator and it is cut through from North to South by the Andes. In addition, the Humboldt Current flows by the coast line from July to December, bringing cold waters from the south and the Panama Flor flow from the North from mid December to June bringing warm waters, making the norther part of the country very tropical. All these factors create a country with very diverse climate and vegetation zones. It is considered one of the most biodiverse countries in the World. Definitely a grand country for outdoors lovers, a natural playground to be discovered with adventure everywhere.

Pululahua Volcano Crater

Our trekking trips can start in the Andes or in the rain tropical forest to start gaining altitude slowly. Other prefer to start in the Andes and finish the trip in the tropics. We are here to develop the perfect trekking adventure, where we could mix rafting, trekking and cultural interaction.

Local fruits everywhere

Starting in the city of Quito, the world’s first cultural heritage site, located at 2700 meters above sea level and finishing in the coastal or Amazon basin you will go through 4 different vegetation zones and different climates. From the cold and thin air to the hot and humid forests one crosses the mystic cloud forest, a highlight for nature lovers and trekkers due to the lush vegetation and immerse variety of birdlife species; such as Quetzals, Trogons, different species of colorful Tanagers, Parrots, Tucans and many species of hummingbirds to name just a few. .

Quilotoa Crater Loop

As you start trekking in the Andes you will enjoy the vast openness of highland plateaus and snowed peak volcanoes, as you cross by fields of corn, quinoa, potato, barley and wheat plantations. As you drop to the cloud forest and rain tropical forest you will cross coffee, cacao, and tropical fruits plantations mixed with pristine lush forest. With fertile land pretty much everywhere, and indigenous people living from their crops, this country offers healthy organic meals at all times.


Condor Trekk – Cotopaxi National Park

Below a firsthand experience comment.

“We just hiked through more than four different ecosystems in fifteen days? Is that even possible? Well, it seems Ecuador is the perfect playground for those adventure lovers who are looking for variety, biodiversity and contrasts. From the humid rain forest, up to the highlands and then down to the cloud forest and pacific coast, this country has given us the possibility to feel the beauty of the World´s climates in one place. We hiked through single tracks, and secondary roads. As we moved along, we found different communities and villages, learning about the people, tasting their food as we enjoyed some of the most astonishing landscapes. The trails are used by locals, who still to date, transport their crops, sheep and cattle from one point to another. A country and scenery we will never forget.”

 Cloud Forest

Wildlife – Biodiversity

Get off the beaten path with Senderos Naturales and get to explore and discover this wonderful country with other eyes and the expertise of fabulous adventure guides.


Macarena Iturralde,

Senderos Naturales CEO & Trip Leader




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