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Ecuador Trek – Four different ecosystems

Ecuador is located at the Equator and it is cut through from North to South by the Andes. In addition, the Humboldt Current flows by the coast line from July to December, bringing cold waters from the south and the Panama Flor flow from the North from mid December to June bringing warm waters, making the norther part of the country very tropical. All these factors create a country with very diverse climate and vegetation zones.

Ecuador: Superb Destination For High Altitude Adventures

Ecuador is a wonderful destination when it comes to have great views of Volcanoes and striking landscapes. Its biodiversity makes it one of the most interesting places on Earth, yet have you ever thought of Ecuador as a natural playground, where instead of observing volcanos and nature from the distance you could, instead, see them and discover all it while hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or horse-back riding?

The best time to visit Quito: Easter Week

Quito is a unique city near the middle of the world, known as “Light of America” due to its location in the Andes and the mixture of Colonial and modern architecture. Its people, gastronomy, music, traditions and architecture makes it the world’s first Cultural Heritage of Humanity site of the world.

One of the most famous festivities and the best time to visit Quito is during Easter week. Catholicism is very important for the locals and there are many events in Colonial City.

Horseback Riding through the Andean “Haciendas”

One of the best ways to get involved with the culture of a country is through horseback riding. A unique experience that allows you to travel far, get to see places you wouldn’t be able by any other means, and enjoy nature’s wildlife at its finest.


Beautiful Ecuadorean Andes Horse.

“Haciendas” and “Estancias”, how we call the local farms, are the getaway to understand traditions, history and culture of many generations in each country.

Discovering Ecuador by Train

Ecuador offers multiple activities and destinations. One of the nicest ways to see the country is traveling by train, choosing one or more routes through the country.


From Otavalo to Salinas de Ibarra:

This route starts in the Andean city of Otavalo and finishes in the hot and dry valley of Salinas de Ibarra.

As the train follows the back roads one can experience and see extensive agricultural areas and cross past small villages and haciendas with history and culture.

A Trip to the Driest Desert, the Biggest
Salt Plain & the Highest Lake on Earth

South America has a lot of variety from the traveler perspective, but one of the most adventurous and exotic experiences is the crossing of the Chilean and Bolivian Altiplano to the Uyuni Salt flats and later Titicaca Lake.

The trip normally starts in Santiago de Chile with an exposure to delicious Chilean wines and sea food. From there the adventure takes you to the driest desert on Earth, the Atacama. This inhospitable place offers the opportunity to acclimatize to what later will be a crossing following dirt roads in altitudes of 11500 ft.

The Inspiration of the Inca Trail, Peru

Following the classic Inca Trail for five days is one of the most inspiring and magical experiences you can have in Peru.

The trail is made of stone, in some places reconstructed and other places original. The mountains around us are sacred as well as fantastic landmarks.

Somehow, I am taken back in time. Step by step, I feel at home, I love the different ecosystems we cross and marvel at the abundant wildlife we can see.